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John Lewis: The Wonderful World Of Jazz Pure Pleasure SD 1375


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LP met een gewicht van 180 gram, gemaakt in UK door Pure Pleasure Records. Puur analoog, audiofiele mastering vanaf de originele mastertapes. Originele uitgever: Atlantic. Leveringsomvang: 1 x 33 toeren langspeelplaat in een LP cover (350gr/m2) met gevoerde binnenhoes. Planète Disque verpakt iedere LP zorgvuldig in een stevige doos met opvulkartons en een luxe plastic buitenhoes van PVC.

Onderstaande productbeschrijving in het Engels door Pure Pleasure Records :

Artist: John Lewis
Title: The Wonderful World Of Jazz

Re-mastering by: Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall, London

There is nothing hurried about this disc. That said, the music is focused and will stretch your mind. Lewis employed masterful melodic improvisers here: Paul Gonsalves, Eric Dolphy, Jim Hall among others. Listen to "Body and Soul" as it builds powerfully and the soloists explore every possible melodic theme, where the quiet power of these master musicians is almost too much to take. Listen to "I Remember Clifford" where the players are essentially the MJQ with Jim Hall replacing Milt Jackson. This set swings, but oh-so-elegantly. Just like Mr. Lewis. S.C.Berry

Whether you're an old-time jazz afficionado or new to the genre, this album is essential. In my opinion, Lewis' lovely solo on "Body & Soul" makes his version virtually definitive - 15 minutes of bliss. The rest of the album, particularly "Afternoon in Paris", is at the same level. "Wonderful" is the perfect title for this record. E Barrios

Review: Paul Rigby, March 2017 "A beautiful album that should be in every jazz fan’s collection"
Lewis, known for his own cool piano technique and sideman to the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Lester Young (what a line-up!), was a busy guy, primarily because he was the musical director of the Modern Jazz Quartet where he combined jazz with classical constructions and gave jazz a distinctly cerebral touch yet his own approach to jazz was one of musical efficiency where not a note went to waste. It all mattered. As did getting his music to the people. In fact he did just that for over 20 years as the MJQ rarely left the road. You can also add scoring for film which included titles such as Odds Against Tomorrow, No Sun in Venice and A Milanese Story,

Where he found the time to release a series of solo albums, I do not know. Nevertheless, he did and the Atlantic label (which is where this LP initially resided) was his principle home.

Frankly, its a superb album and benefits continued listening because you will hear and understand more with each play. In conjunction with guitarist Jim Hall, bassist George Duvivier and drummer Connie Kay, Lewis offers an array of styles and variations including a trio of piano-heavy tracks plus the superb Body and Soul which not only roams for over 15 minutes but includes a quite delicious solo from tenor sax man, Paul Gonsalves.

By the time we get to Afternoon in Paris, half way through Side 2, we come up against trumpeter Herb Pomeroy, Gunther Schuller on French horn, tenor man Benny Golson, baritonist Jimmy Giuffre, and guitarist Jim Hall who all offer a splendid reading. Eric Dolphy does threaten to outshine them all though. PR

Side A: 1. Body And Soul 2. I Should Care
Side B: 1. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West 2. Afternoon In Paris 3. I Remember Clifford

Personnel: John Lewis, piano / George Duvivier, bass / Jim Hall, guitar / Connie Kay, drums.
Eric Dolphy, alto saxophone –B2 / James Rivers, baritone saxophone – B2
Gunther Schuller, french horn – B2 / Benny Golson, tenor saxophone – B2
Paul Gonsalves , tenor saxophone – A1 / Herb Pomeroy, trumpet – A1 & B2
Arrangements by John Lewis
Recording Engineers – Bob Arnold, Earle Brown, Gene Thompson, Johnny Cue
Supervised By – Nesuhi Ertegun & Tom Dowd
A2,B1,B3 recorded July 29, 1960.
A1 recorded September 8, 1960.
B2 recorded September 9, 1960.

Format: 180 gram LP x 1 standard sleeve
Stereo Recording

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